The Teacher’s Guide to Weight Loss


“A no-nonsense book with great information.”

“This book makes so much sense.”

“An easy read, chock-full of strategies and ideas to help teachers who are struggling with weight loss.”

“I’ve been trying to lose weight for years but it’s tough as a teacher, I feel like it will be easier now. Great book.”

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Would you like to lose weight? Do the demands of teaching leave you too tired to exercise? Do you crave unhealthy food after a long day at school?

Teachers work hard. We spend so much energy on our students that sometimes we don’t have much left for ourselves. Staying healthy as a teacher is hard to do.

But you can do it! Any teacher can exercise, eat well, and come to work with a positive attitude and more energy than they ever have before. They plan for success and target just a few powerful habits.

By Buying Now, you will be downloading a book written by a teacher for teachers.

Paul Murphy has 17 years of teaching experience. He understands the unique challenges teachers face when trying to lose weight. He’s struggled with them himself and wants to share what has worked for him.

The Teacher’s Guide to Weight Loss will show you how to:

–Plan ahead to avoid temptations
–Remove common barriers to weight loss progress
–Leverage “power habits” to effortlessly install new healthy routines
–Use psychology to automate better decisions

The Teacher’s Guide to Weight Loss doesn’t offer a trendy new diet. It won’t provide meal plans full of recipes you’ll never prepare. It doesn’t pretend that weight loss is easy.

It does:

–Give you concrete plans that get results.
–Share how to overcome the challenges that every teacher faces
–Show you how changing just a few critical habits can lead to the weight loss breakthrough you’ve been searching for
–Offer research-based solutions
–Actually work

Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to the following free downloads:

—25 Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks
—the Weight Loss Challenge Game Board
—a printable monthly calendar to track your success

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