The Teacher’s Guide to Saying NO



“Beyond just “saying no”, this book gives practical tips to managing setting boundaries, choosing priorities and improving workplace productivity. Murphy does this with as few words as possible in a direct manner. Reading this book will definitely save me more time than it took to read it!” 

“Every teacher should read this book, subscribe to his page, follow him on Facebook! He and his guest writers say exactly what we would say if we could.”



Are you tired of being asked to do one more thing? Does the expectation that you give even more of your own time frustrate and exhaust you? Do you feel ineffective because you’re being pulled in too many directions?

If you said yes, then it’s time to start saying no. publisher and veteran teacher, Paul Murphy, provides an inspirational and practical guide for setting boundaries and developing the assertiveness all overwhelmed teachers need to protect their wellbeing so they can be at their best for their students.

In The Teacher’s Guide to Saying NO, you will learn:

  • How schools set teachers up for failure and what you can do to fight back.
  • What the Beatles, one-star reviews, and the Star Wars prequels teach us about expectations.
  • The top 12 reasons you say yes when you should say no.
  • Why teachers should take a page from In-N-Out Burger.
  • 8 action steps to improve your assertiveness.
  • How Dr. Seuss, Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney, and the TV drama 24 show the value of self-imposed limits.

You will also get solutions.

You will understand:

  • How to say no without harming your work relationships or professional reputation.
  • Why saying no is best for you, your students, your district, your relationships, and the future of the profession.
  • The dangers of accepting gifts and granting favors.
  • How to perceive ‘no’ as a positive so you will say it more.
  • How to extract yourself from commitments without feeling guilty.
  • Why the way you say no makes a big difference.

If you’re an exhausted teacher who spends too many hours on the job, then start reading The Teacher’s Guide to Saying NO today! Say yes to more time, better teaching, and a happier life by learning how to say no.