“This is a wonderful book for teachers. It gives practical, realistic advice to teachers for managing stress written by a real teacher who gets it.”

“This book helped me survive my first year of teaching in a high stress, toxic work environment.”

“Really good! I was able to read it quickly and it helped me make classroom changes so that I’m less exhausted.”

“Should be on your annual back to school reading list.” 


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Are you a tired teacher? Does a day in the classroom leave you exhausted? Do you wish you had more energy for your friends, your family, and yourself?

Many factors contribute to teacher exhaustion. What tires you out may not impact teachers at another school at all. But there are aspects of a teacher’s job — every teacher’s job — that are less noticeable, but just as exhausting. In many ways, the job of a teacher today is designed to wear you out.

In Exhausted, you will learn:

  • Why even good days with your students leave you drained.
  • What tired teachers have in common with doctors, Major League Baseball managers, and interview committees.
  • How Jeb Bush’s failure in the 2016 Presidential primaries is related to your own fatigue.
  • What long-distance runners, one of history’s greatest weightlifters, and a Stanford psychologist can teach you about the powerful influence of your mind.

You will also get solutions.

You will understand:

  • What teachers can learn from baristas and airline agents.
  • What supermarket layouts can teach us about the dangers of decision-making.
  • Why AC/DC doesn’t belong in your classroom.
  • What an insurance agent’s plane crash can teach us about belief.

By the time you finish this book, you will know why you’re tired all the time, and you will have the tools to do something about it.


To learn more about why teachers are so tired, check out the following books I used as source materials for Exhausted: