Guest Posting

Teacher Habits is open to guest articles. Here’s how to submit:

1. Email me at [email protected] with some topic ideas.

2. I’ll email you back telling you which topic I think would generate the most reader interest.

Tip: Purely informational articles tend to be duds. That stuff already exists on the Internet. The best articles are ones where the writer has an opinion. My personal favorites are those in which the writer expresses an opinion that challenges conventional thinking. Follow Jim Rome’s advice: Have a take and don’t suck.

3. If I choose a topic, you should then write and email me the article. Google Docs is preferred but Word works too. Please include any biographical information you would like published with the article. Most people put it at the end, but I’ll move it where I want anyway.

4. Links to your blog or books or whatever else are fine. Keep it to a handful or less.

5. All images should be sent as attachments. This includes a title image. If I’m feeling motivated, I may create one for your article. If I’m not, it will run without one and those tend to draw less interest.

6. I edit the articles. It’s my blog and I’m not publishing something full of errors. If edits are few and minor, I’ll just hit publish. If not, I’ll send the article back to you and ask you to approve the changes.

7. Even if I’ve approved the topic and you write an excellent article, I may not publish it because it conflicts with the central messages of the blog. My head appears on the site, right next to your article, and I won’t have you extolling the virtues of cursive writing that close to my face.

8. Other reasons I might not publish your article: too many grammatical errors/typos, the writing is exceptionally weak, unsupported claims, not right for my audience of teacher readers.

9. Lastly, this is a blog for teachers. Don’t bother querying if you don’t plan to write for them. I’m not here to help you sell your ketogenesis book. I might be here if you have an article about ketogenesis that explains why that diet will keep a teacher healthy and energetic for 180 school days.

10. Just because no one likes a list of nine items.