Guest Posting

Teacher Habits accepts guest posts. If you’d like us (well, really, just me) to publish your writing do this:

  1. Email me, Murph, at [email protected] Tell me you want to write a guest post for Teacher Habits. I’ll get back to you within a couple of days.
  2. Once your topic has been given the go-ahead, email me the article. I reserve the right to edit, but will run those edits by you before your article is published (unless they’re typos–those I just fix).
  3. Please include a bio and links to your blog/books/courses/whatever you’re selling at the end of the article.


Any education topic works, but Teacher Habits tends to focus on helping teachers inside the classroom and out. If your article is not for an audience of teachers, then I’ll probably pass. Funny is good, but so is indignant, informational, or quirky. Send it to me! The worst I can say is no.

I don’t require exclusivity. If you want to send me an article that has already been published on your own blog, go for it. YOLO.

Why Teacher Habits

Teacher Habits has an email list of about 3500 and more than 8000 followers on Facebook. Grow your audience by exposing these people to your writing.

Why Teacher Habits Needs You

Because it’s hard work writing articles, sometimes I run out of ideas, and perspectives other than mine are welcome.