5 Productivity Tips For Every Busy Teacher

Guest post by Emily Watts

Teaching is a demanding and at times downright exhausting job. It is certainly one of the most important occupations as teachers shape young minds and open them to the exciting world of knowledge, science, and arts. However, in order to stay inspired, energetic and avoid professional burnout, teachers have to maintain a healthy balance and stay productive. So in this article, I will share some useful techniques that will help teachers to stay active and keep enjoying their much-appreciated work.

Embrace your creativity

To escape the mundane routine in your teachings try to diversify your lesson plans and implement creative and interactive elements. Of course, the specifics of these novelties would depend on the subject you are teaching. But nevertheless, try using various video materials and creative assignments. Use worksheets from the Internet, implement homework based on popular culture materials like music and viral videos. Also, survey students to find what would be interesting to them. It is nice to find out what they actually want and get some useful tips for the improvement of the learning process and your personal productivity

Managing your work time

The key to productive work is managing your spare time. With all the homework and extracurricular activities, it is hard to take a break sometimes. But eventually, keeping your work life and rest time in balance is essential to increase productivity. Do not pressure yourself too much, for instance, if you need to do any kind of written assignment, use this essay writing service. The time spent on rest will serve to reboot your systems and allow to work with a fresh and enthusiastic feeling.

Expand your professional environment   

Who else will be able to give you the best advice but another fellow teacher? The network expansion is one of the main things you can do to achieve productivity improvement. Share your experiences and find out some new information from your colleagues. In addition, it is good to search for new sources of help from the Internet. There are numerous courses and podcasts dedicated solely to the art of teaching, and you will surely find a lot of practical tips and tricks there. Teaching is not only about counting on your own experience and resources; it is also very much about sharing and getting to know new ideas and techniques from other specialists. And the Internet made this sharing into a very convenient tool that you can use from your own house.

Use online tools   

With the development of Internet technologies, the arts and crafts assignments turned into a rather easy task. Search for the websites that offer you numerous printable materials for teaching, ideas for gaming that you can easily download, print, and assemble. Spice up the learning process with bright colors and smart riddles. There are numerous websites dedicated specifically to cater to this issue, you will have no trouble finding dozens of them. And trust us, they are able to boost teacher’s productivity significantly.

Use smartphones and gaming

While these things might be perceived as the bitter enemies of the modern education system, you can definitely win them over and use for the student’s benefit. There are numerous apps that are aimed at learning some particular topic; you can also find apps for creating customized flashcards and interactive tests. The new generation of learners are very accustomed to the digital world, so it might even be more productive and usual for them. You can even start playing some particular educational games; they are really thought after and usually produced by such giants as BBC, National Geographic, and other similar companies.


The main message we want to send about teaching in the contemporary reality and staying sane and productive is all about experiments and flexibility. Do not be afraid of using unconventional way to reach students, changing the discourse of the formal educational process. Use digital technologies that usually distract students for your own teaching purposes. Play around with creativity and make the process of learning fun and enjoyable not only for the schoolers but also for yourself.   


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