4 Ways Teachers Can Make Money From Home This Summer

Guest Writer: Lizzie Weakley

With summer here and many people leaving on vacations, making ends meet can become a little more difficult than usual. Fortunately, technology has opened up countless ways for anyone to make extra income while they aren’t at their regular jobs. These four tech-based solutions can help you earn some extra spending money during your summer vacation.


You can do online writing assignments from anywhere you have an Internet connection. A number of sites give writers the opportunity to sign up and accept orders or bid on jobs offered by clients. This can be a solid way to make extra money during summer vacation that is done solely from your computer. Be prepared to write a few samples to get jobs, as well as be rejected from assignments.

Online Teaching

Teachers can earn some extra money during the summer by teaching students online. You can seek out private clients on your own or go through digital tutoring services that match you up with students who need help. To get approved for these platforms, you will need to go through the application process and pass all relevant checks and interviews. An alternative would be to teach English online to foreign students wanting to learn the language. Another idea is crowdfunding through apps such as TeacherFunder, which teachers can leverage to fund projects, get enough money for needed classroom supplies and reach financial goals.


Foap is an app that allows photographers to sell photos they take directly from their smartphone. This makes it a perfect option for vacationers who would like to earn some extra cash by selling photos of the exotic places they’ve been. Marketers can run Missions where they request certain types of photos based on their campaign needs. More recently, Foap has expanded to offering videos to their business marketing clients as well.


Slidejoy is another app that can earn you some additional cash through no extra effort of your own. Slidejoy adds advertisements to the lock screen of your device and pays you for them. The app is designed so you can’t accidentally click on the ads and you don’t have to engage with the ads to be paid. You can choose to receive your rewards to your PayPal account or as gift cards to major brands and stores.

Tech helpers offer innumerable ways for individuals to make money during summer vacation. Many of these options can be fun, easy or even develop into a primary source of income. Leverage any of these technological ways to help ends meet this summer.

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