12 Distinctive Types of Teachers We’ve All Seen in Our School Life

A guest post by Joanne Criss


The contribution of teachers in shaping the future of an individual cannot be denied or doubted. In fact, our school life would be incomplete without the teachers. And like any normal human being, they all have their quirks and styles that made them stand out. Some are stern, some are emotional, and some are considerate, while some are funny. So, here’s a rather humorous take on the teachers you must have definitely come across while in school.

Hitler’s worthy successor

Well, you can understand by the moniker itself that sitting through this teacher’s class is almost like experiencing a Nazi concentration camp. And god forbid if you turn up late, then hell hath no fury like the teacher’s scorn. In fact, taking a sip of water during one of his/her classes may get you dangerously close to detention (alright, that might have been an exaggeration, but you get the drift, right?). Basically, every little action of yours will come across as disrespectful to them.

The perpetually stressed

The fact that teaching is hard becomes all too evident in the case of this teacher. But you can’t really blame them, can you? There’s only so much an individual can juggle, between all the meetings, assessments, preparing lesson plans, organizing events, which can easily push them to the limits of their sanity. It’s only human to feel stressed. You can find this teacher taking deep breaths at regular intervals and popping a pill to tame a persistent headache.

The “all hearts” teacher

This is the teacher we have all relied on throughout our school days. No matter what concerns you had regarding your studies and exam prep, or if you needed some valuable life advice, you would always find yourself reaching out to them. In fact, this teacher values the students like no other. They are also the ones that don’t shy away from showing how proud they are of their students.

The human encyclopedia

This teacher knows about all the pathbreaking discoveries and innovations to have existed in the realm of technology. They’re extremely passionate about science and technology and things that happen around the world and possess an unending love for learning and the art of teaching. They are likely to have answers to all your questions and can help you broaden the horizon of your knowledge about the world. Whenever you are in need of some assignment help, you can always turn to them without hesitation.

Sluggish than the sloth

This teacher rarely leaves the chair. So intense is their love for the chair and the desk, that it seems even an apocalypse won’t be able to drive them apart. While in the class, they are mostly busy doing their own thing, after assigning you the task. Even if there is a problem in class, that isn’t really worth getting up from the chair for them. They would just shout from their prized seat and then go back to doing whatever they were doing in the first place.

The “holier-than-thou” teacher

If you have studied in a convent, it’s highly likely that you have had a close encounter with the nuns. Even though they have a gentle demeanour, they spend an awful lot of time trying to mask their almost apparent disapproval at your deeply uncatholic lifestyles, while in class.

The eternally enthusiastic

Their energy could put Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps to shame. They are always engaged in activities and find newer ways to teach in class. Be it creating poems with chemistry equations and rapping grammar lessons, trust them to bring a unique approach to learning, every time they are taking a class. However, it’s still a mystery how they maintain their enthusiasm and physical endurance all day, every day.

The Comedian

Give them a mic, and they can be easily passed off as a stand-up comedian. Well, even as a teacher they ensure that there is not a dull moment in class. And quite frankly, who doesn’t like a little comic relief in between tedious trigonometry or an organic chemistry lesson, right? Well, thanks to them you could keep your stress levels in check while sitting through long hours in class. And, whether you admit or not, you like them for being a constant source of laughter in class.

The over-organizer

Nobody appreciates order and harmony like this teacher. They are always particular about everything and want their stuff in a certain manner. You can be rest assured that they will notice if you meddle with their things. They’re all for colour-coordinated files, labeling, bins, bulletin boards, filing cabinets, and their precious markers.

Their drawers, desk, and cabinets are always clutter-free and clean. These teachers are known to be extremely efficient since they are perfectly aware where all the important files and documents are. So having them around must have taught you a lesson or two about the importance of getting organized in life.

The health-freak teacher

We’ve all had this teacher in school (usually in-charge of games and physical activities) who firmly believes that physical activity is also a part of the learning process. This type of teacher is always found giving elaborate pep-talks to students about physical fitness and healthy eating. In fact, this teacher can easily convince anyone to replace yoga with soda.

So, even when you aren’t ready to give up on your daily fill of snacks and Diet Coke, these teachers can be a great influence in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The ancient one

This teacher has been teaching for a prolonged time and has been in the school for generations. They often tend to be forgetful and frail. There are high chances that they may forget to inform you about an upcoming test or a quiz.

Since their memory doesn’t serve them quite well, they may be a little tricky to deal with. They need to be reminded continuously of the activities they are supposed to be carrying out in the class.

The “Moody” Mary

You may have heard about the game of Russian roulette, and attending a class of this teacher feels quite the same as playing the game. They can be your greatest motivator one day, and then on the very next day, they would come across like a warden of a prison. When he/she is in a jovial mood, it won’t take much time for you to forget that you had to stand outside the class for half an hour the day before for sneezing a little too loudly.


Regardless of their unique demeanour and traits, we all cherish them for being an integral part of our school life. So, how many types of teachers have you come across in your school life? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Joanne Criss is a visiting faculty in a distinguished educational institution in Australia. She has pursued her Master’s from the University of Aberdeen. She devotes her time to many philanthropic organizations focused on children’s education. She is also a part of MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk as an academic expert.

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  1. No mention of the Sneakies (those who tell their class the content of the Across-the-Year common test – to make sure they come out on top). Also inclined to whisper in the staff common room to the Head of Department – sly giggles and glances at the rest of the faculty. Everything seems to be about secrets!

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